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Asheville, NC Real Estate: Four Reasons to Live or Visit.

Asheville, North Carolina, is a unique city, full of fun things to do that can make it a great place to live or visit. Imagine a city filled with delicious food, great music, craft beer, thrilling hikes, unique shops, and stunning art. Let's dive into what makes Asheville so unique.

1. The Food!

Asheville isn't just about regular food; it's a place where eating out can be an adventure! There's a wide variety of food options. These range from simple biscuits and gravy, BBQ, Tacos, to farm-to-table restaurants that use local ingredients.

Then there's the international food scene. You can find all sorts of global cuisines in Asheville, from Italian, Chinese, French to Indian and Thai.

Asheville is also big on street food and casual dining. Food trucks are a big deal here, and they offer some of the most creative and tasty meals on wheels you'll ever try.

And we can't talk about Asheville's food scene without mentioning the city's craft breweries. If you like trying out kinds of beers, Asheville is famous for its craft beer scene. Loads of breweries exist where you can hang out with friends and try new flavors.

Asheville has been called the "Craft Beer Capital of the U.S.," and for good reason. Many of these breweries also serve great food, making them perfect places to hang out, eat, and try some unique, locally-made beers.

2. Music to Your Ears

If you love music, Asheville is your kind of city. You can find all sorts of music venues here, from The Orange Peel, Rabbit Rabbit, and many more.

Popular Music Venues

The Orange Peel: Is considered one of the best live music venues in the country and hosts a variety of acts, ranging from well-known international artists to local bands. My cousin was married there.

Asheville Music HallThis venue is known for its intimate setting and excellent acoustics. It features a wide range of genres, including rock, jazz, hip-hop, and electronic music.

Grey Eagle: Located in the historic River Arts District, Grey Eagle is one of Asheville's oldest live music venues. It offers an eclectic mix of music, including Americana, bluegrass, and indie rock, and is also known for its taqueria.

Rabbit Rabbit: Situated at 70 Coxe Ave in Asheville, Rabbit Rabbit hosts various musical acts in a dynamic event space, with a food truckFor more info, go to

Music Events and Festivals

Asheville’s music festivals attract music lovers from all over. Here are a few notable ones:

Shindig on the Green: A summer series that showcases the region’s rich musical heritage, featuring bluegrass bands, folk dancers, and traditional storytellers.

Asheville Music Festival: A newer addition to the city's festival scene, this event focuses on showcasing a mix of local and national acts across various genres.

Mountain Dance and Folk Festival: This festival is a celebration of Appalachian music and dance traditions, one of the oldest of its kind in the nation.

3. Hiking Adventures

For those who love the outdoors, Asheville is a dream come true. It sits right in the Blue Ridge Mountains, which means there are hiking trails around. You can take a peaceful walk through the woods or look for advanced trails. Climb up to see breathtaking views from the mountaintops or spot wildlife, like birds, deer, squirrels, rabbits, black bears, and more.

The mountain views can be beautiful, especially when you are lucky and find a layered mountain view. The leaves in Western North Carolina is gorgeous in the fall and attract visitors from across the country.

4. A City Full of Art

Asheville loves its art. You can find it everywhere - from street murals to the River Arts District, where artists create and sell artwork. The arts in Asheville are as diverse and colorful as the city itself.

Asheville has murals that tell stories, art galleries where artists show off their paintings and sculptures, and even places where you can watch artists create.

Asheville has several galleries, painting workshops, and classes representing many mediums. In the downtown area and the historic River Arts District, emerging and established painters find a nurturing community that values creativity and expression, making the city a dynamic hub for painters and art enthusiasts alike. Many studios, such as the Village Potters, where I am currently a student, offer in-person pottery classes.

Asheville's pottery scene is a dynamic and integral to the city's rich artistic heritage. Known for its array of pottery studios and galleries, the city offers a unique blend of traditional Appalachian clay work and contemporary ceramic art.

The River Arts District, in particular, is a hub for pottery enthusiasts, where visitors can purchase unique pots, bowls, vases, and handcrafted pieces.

Renowned for its talented glass artists, Asheville offers an exquisite array of glassworks, ranging from intricate blown glass pieces to innovative stained glass art. The city's glass art is not just confined to galleries but is an immersive experience, with studios often open to the public for demonstrations and workshops.

The River Arts District, in particular, stands as a testament to Asheville's commitment to glass art, housing numerous studios.


Asheville has several photography classes and workshops. AB-Tech even offers a digital photography class.

The River Arts District is a special part of the city filled with old warehouses turned into studios and galleries. Here, you can see the artist's work or buy a piece of art to take home.


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